Former McDonald’s Chef Reveals Secret Chicken McNuggets Recipe Available in Stores!

Are you fond of eating the popular Chicken McNuggets by McDonald’s? You will be amazed to know that now you can skip the tedious drive-thru lines. It is possible because of an insider who has revealed the grocery store version of the popular fast-food chain McDonald’s.

Mike Haracz, a former McDonald’s corporate chef and TikToker (@chefmikeharacz), has set out on a mission to uncover the closest match to the fast-food giant’s iconic McDonald’s. 

In a popular video with over 352,000 views, Haracz mentioned that he first attempted to discover a duplicate by comparing the components and nutritional details of other supermarket nuggets with those of McDonald’s.

The process was challenging because McDonald’s combined all the ingredients of its nuggets. In contrast, several grocery store versions specify the ingredients used in distinct components of the nuggets, such as the breading and the filling. Instead of solely relying on the ingredients to locate the closest match, he recommended purchasing a frozen grocery store brand called Pilgrim’s Chicken Breast Nuggets, which employs the same tempura-style batter as McDonald’s.

Kroger, Walmart, and H-E-B all have the nuggets listed on their websites, so buyers should be able to find a package at those locations. Availability may vary. Therefore, customers should contact their local stores directly to verify the items are in stock before going there.

Haracz advised customers not to microwave the store-bought nuggets but to air or deep fry them for optimal outcomes. He also mentioned that these frozen nuggets are sold uncooked, so customers must ensure they cook them thoroughly when making them at home.

McDonald’s ecstatically responded to his video’s comments section, saying they know where to find Chicken McNugget dupes in groceries.

“We finally have McDonald’s at home,” one TikToker commented.

“Game changer,” another said.

Throughout 2023, Haracz has shared a lot of valuable information and helpful ideas for McDonald’s enthusiasts on TikTok. Earlier this week, he gave viewers step-by-step guidance on preparing a homemade version of the McDonald’s McMuffin sandwich that is considered superior to the original. Haracz has also been attempting to locate grocery store alternatives for other McDonald’s menu items, such as the well-liked morning sausage, French fries, Big Mac sauce, and hash browns.

As spectators gather to observe Haracz’s insightful quest to find substitutes for popular recipes, it’s evident that his knowledge has resonated with culinary fans throughout the globe. Through this captivating film, Haracz has attracted the interest of several eager people to discover the secrets of their beloved restaurant-style meals by sharing his proven techniques. This viral success demonstrates Haracz’s impressive cooking skills and talent for engaging viewers with his love for food.

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