Huntington Beach Rattled by 3.4-Magnitude Earthquake – Did You Feel It?

Residents of Orange County experienced a startling shake late on Friday night when a 3.4-magnitude earthquake hit the region around 9:52 p.m., as reported by the United States Geological Survey (USGS). The epicenter of the quake was pinpointed approximately 1.8 miles southeast of Huntington Beach, an area densely populated.

One fortunate aspect is that no immediate injuries or significant structural damage have been reported. The earthquake, occurring at a depth of roughly 7.7 miles, was considered relatively minor. Despite California recording hundreds of earthquakes annually, most are too faint for people to notice, but around several dozen register above a 3.0 magnitude.

Social media users reported feeling the jolt in Costa Mesa, Long Beach, Garden Grove, and surrounding areas. No injuries or structural damages have been reported in connection with the temblor.

This event serves as a reminder of California’s history of seismic activity. The strongest quake ever recorded in the Golden State, measuring a staggering 7.9 magnitude, struck Fort Tejon on January 9, 1857.

To help keep residents informed, KTLA offers an interactive map for tracking the latest earthquakes in Southern California. Additionally, individuals who felt the tremor in their vicinity are encouraged to share their experiences by completing the USGS Felt Report online.

While earthquakes can be unsettling, Californians are accustomed to these natural occurrences and remain vigilant and prepared for such events.

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