Walmart Is Making a Major Change To Its Early Morning

Walking through Walmart's aisles might be exhilarating due to the bright lights, flashing TVs, and radio music. Starting this week, early morning Walmart shopping will be more Zen.

Most Walmart stores offered sensory-friendly hours on Saturdays from 8 to 10 a.m. during back-to-school season in July and August.

Walmart shut off the radio, reduced the lights, and made its TV walls static during certain hours.

These adjustments were part of a trial effort to make Walmart's stores more accessible and entertaining for sensory disability consumers. Walmart reported customer enthusiasm.

Walmart stated this week that it would reinstate sensory-friendly shopping hours at all US and Puerto Rico locations starting Nov

10 after getting "overwhelmingly positive" feedback regarding the pilot program. The sensory-friendly hours will run daily from 8 to 10 a.m. "with no planned end date," Walmart said.

We hope our customers and workers find the stores easier to see and hear during these hours. 

According to the release, these adjustments were made based on customer feedback on how retailers should make them feel at home.

Walmart continues to accept suggestions for improving its sensory-friendly hours, according to the notice.

This is one of Walmart's many important changes this year. The retailer said in August that it would add free sample demo stations to over 1,000 outlets. 

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