This Dreamy Guest Bedroom Is the Ultimate Relaxation Retreat

Roxy Owens of Society Social transformed our 2023 Whole Home's beige-and-tan spare room into a lovely guest room.

“We wanted this to be traditional-meets-youthful and feminine,” Owens explains. Lee Jofa, a 200th-anniversary textile business, inspired her. 

Owens used Chinese Peony, a mid-19th-century English chintz pattern, as the focal point of this dreamy space after learning that it had been recolored and released as fabric and wallpaper.

She kept the room's paneling and painted it Farrow & Ball's Parma Gray to frame the wallpaper

She meticulously coordinated the design over the wall panels and canopied bed to avoid a “very trippy” and unsettling atmosphere.

Creamy white case goods, scalloped accessories, and bold chevron prints balance the sweetness. “You’re surrounded by beauty,” Owens says.

Owens added Visual Comfort & Co. wall sconces above her bed by incorporating "sleeves" into her fabric canopy. 

 Peel-and-stick grasscloth from the designer's Society Social range is a cheap ceiling option.

Fixed radiator covers prevented curtains from fitting flush with windows

To curve the curtains around the unit, Owens' seamstress used Italian stringing, which makes a “bustle” like a wedding gown.

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