This Designer's Kitchen Is Small But So Glamorous

Bold Color Palette: – Choose a bold and sophisticated color palette. Deep jewel tones, metallic accents, or a combination of black and gold

Mirrored Surfaces: – Introduce mirrored surfaces or mirrored backsplashes to visually expand the space and reflect light.

Open Shelving with Style: – Incorporate open shelving with carefully curated items. Display glamorous glassware, metallic accents,

High-End Appliances: – Invest in high-end, sleek appliances that not only contribute to the functionality of the kitchen but also enhance its overall luxurious feel.

Glamorous Backsplash: – Choose a backsplash that makes a statement. Consider a mosaic, metallic, or uniquely patterned backsplash

Custom Cabinetry: – Opt for custom cabinetry with luxurious finishes. High-gloss, lacquered cabinets or custom woodwork

Bold Patterns: – Integrate bold patterns, such as geometric tiles or a patterned floor. These elements add drama and interest

Gilded Accents: – Incorporate gilded or gold accents throughout the kitchen. This can be in the form of cabinet hardware

Plush Seating: – Include plush and luxurious seating. Whether it's a set of velvet barstools or a small banquette, comfortable

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