Red Robin to Begin Serving Fresh Chicken For the First Time

After this post was published, Red Robin contacted Eat This, Not That! to clarify that the firm misspoke on a recent earnings call about its chicken change.

This is not a switch from frozen to fresh and is rather a hand-breaded product that is made to order," said. Red Robin is improving its chicken

but not as much as previously stated. Read the original story below. Red Robin's crazy burger combos and bottomless beverages and sides will always be special

but the chain has been showing us more in the last year. Red Robin has been reinventing itself with new menu items, Happy Hour bargains, and lunch specials

Red Robin, like many others, has used frozen chicken breasts for its Buzzin' Chicken Sandwich and Caesar's Chicken Wrap,

According to Restaurant Business, Red Robin's switch from frozen to fresh chicken will save $5 million a year. 

CFO Todd Wilson said the company is investing heavily in changes and additions to stay competitive in the fast-casual market. 

This chicken move is excellent for the company and great for diners—frozen items are fine, but fresh food tastes better.

Restaurant Business reports that Red Robin has replaced 85% of its menu with higher-quality products, including mayonnaise, tomatoes, pickles, sauces, and buns

In the past year, Red Robin has started cooking and distributing burgers on plates instead of baskets.

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