Get Free Hotel Rooms With Your Flights By Making Airlines Pay

My travels span years. An international airline employee and I met a time back. After becoming friends, we met throughout my layovers. My journeys and my occasional overnight layovers

That compelled me to stay in airport hotels were discussed during a long stopover at JFK. If you know, JFK hotels are expensive.

 I was told, “you should get free hotel rooms with your flights, make the airlines pay.” My initial reaction was skepticism. After telling me ‘the secret’, my international travel has transformed.

Long-haul foreign flights are my specialty. This is partly because I fly Mileage Runs to gain elite status on my favorite airlines. The longer the flight, the better for resting or working

I should have gotten airline-provided accommodations. However, who knew? Share the secret.Airline Pays for Free Hotel Rooms.Is STPC? Free Hotel Room Secret

Eligibility for STPC STPC: What You Should Know International Carriers Offering STPC with Website Information Airline Pays for Free Hotel Rooms.

My travel isn't simply for myself. Usually, the goal is to arrive soon. Find the optimum connection times with much effort. Long conversations waste time, as most people know.

Airline scheduling makes long connections unavoidable. Now you can use those long connections. It would be fantastic to get free hotel rooms with flights.

Yes, could. Long international flight connections often include complimentary lodging. Some offer free meals, sightseeing tours, transports, and visas in addition to the free hotel accommodation.

Several prominent international carriers offer this under their STPC program. This gives many passengers free hotel rooms.STPC–‘stop over paid by carrier.’

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