Award Ticket Change Fee Waivers by Airline

Our readers frequently inquire about award ticket change cost waivers. This information is hard to find for most carriers. We found the following airline award ticket change fee waivers.

Delta is one of the few airlines that addresses award tickets on its website.

Flights booked with cash or miles follow the same criteria. We waive mile redeposit fees for award flights with change fee waivers.

Southwest Air This page says you'll get travel expenses for all alternative tickets, including Wanna Get Away.

American Air I couldn't find a statement on their website, but an inside source indicated award tickets acquired before March 1, 2020, won't have change fees and will be handled like normal tickets.

USA Airlines They don't mention award ticket change fee waivers on their website.

That page lists their standard award ticket changing fees and guidelines.This article lists their change fee standards and date

HawaiianAirlineMiles Their website does not mention redepositing HawaiianMiles.

Many other travel sites say Hawaiian Airlines will redeposit points without penalty if your trip 

Meets waiver requirements for a normal ticket. Hawaiian Airlines standard ticket guidelines and notices during the coronavirus pandemic.

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