American Airlines & Qatar Airways Announce Strategic Partnership

Despite being Oneworld Alliance members, American Airlines and Qatar Airways have a chilly relationship. Two years ago, American Airlines canceled all   codeshares with Qatar Airways  

 And rejected Qatar's offer to buy a 10% interest. Qatar Airways threatened to leave the Oneworld Alliance owing to American Airlines and Qantas attacks.

This may change today when the two airlines announce a big strategic agreement. Dissecting Codeshare Agreements American Investigating Doha Flights Chief Executives' Statements

Codeshare Deals  As a first step toward a strategic collaboration and expanded commercial cooperation, American and Qatar renewed their codeshare agreement today.

American will code select Qatar nonstop and connecting services between the U.S. and Qatar Airways' Doha hub, pending government approval.

 This will give American customers access to new Middle East, East Africa, South Asia, and South East Asia destinations.Qatar will code some American flights outside DFW, ORD, JFK, PHL, MIA, and LAX

 International American services to and from Europe, the Caribbean, Central America, and South America will also use its code.

American discontinued its codeshare two years ago, citing unfair Qatari government subsidies to Qatar Airways.American may increase flights to Qatar Airways' Doha hub as part of its new alliance.

Qatar already serves every American hub except Charlotte and Phoenix, making this fascinating. Charlotte and Phoenis aren't international hubs for Doha flights

 American flights to Doha would be an additional option on a Qatar Airways route. That might not be crazy. A direct American flight to Doha would avoid the Gulf Blockade and be speedier.

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