A California Kitchen with Provencal Flair

Open Shelving: – Install open shelves with wrought iron or distressed wood brackets to showcase rustic pottery, colorful dishes

armhouse Sink: – Choose a farmhouse sink, preferably in a weathered or apron-front style. This classic feature adds a touch of rustic

Distressed Cabinetry: – Opt for distressed or weathered cabinetry in light, natural hues. This gives the kitchen a well-loved and timeless appeal

Provencal Patterns: – Integrate Provencal patterns, such as toile, floral, or checkered prints, into the kitchen textiles.

Natural Light: – Maximize natural light by incorporating large windows or French doors. This not only brightens the space but also blurs

Herb Garden: – Create a small herb garden on a sunny windowsill or in a corner of the kitchen. Fresh herbs like lavender, rosemary

Wrought Iron Accents: – Use wrought iron or antique brass hardware and light fixtures to add a touch of sophistication

Casual Dining Area: – Include a casual dining area with a farmhouse-style table and mismatched chairs.

Wine Country Touches: – Incorporate subtle wine country touches, such as a wine rack or wine barrel accents.

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