10 Coffee Tables With Storage That Maximize Your Living Room

Lift-Top Coffee Table:A lift-top coffee table provides extra storage space beneath the tabletop, allowing you to keep items like magazines, remote controls, and more hidden away.

Nested Coffee Tables:Opt for nested coffee tables with multiple layers or compartments. These can be pulled apart for additional surface area or nested together to save space.

Trunk Coffee Table:A trunk-style coffee table not only serves as a table but also offers ample storage space inside.

Cube Storage Coffee Table:Choose a coffee table with built-in cube storage. This design provides open compartments for organizing and displaying items like books or decorative pieces.

Drawer Coffee Table:Coffee tables with drawers offer discreet storage for items you want to keep out of sight.

Storage Ottoman Coffee Table:An ottoman that doubles as a coffee table often comes with a lift-up lid, revealing a storage compartment.

Glass Top Coffee Table with Shelf:Select a coffee table with a glass top and an open shelf underneath. This design combines a sleek look with functional storage space.

Baskets Underneath:Some coffee tables come with baskets or bins underneath for storage. These are perfect for organizing items like blankets, pillows, or children's toys.

Mid-Century Modern Storage Coffee Table:Mid-century modern designs often incorporate storage options. Look for a coffee table with clean lines and hidden storage compartments.

Rolling Cart Coffee Table:A coffee table with rolling carts or wheels makes it easy to move around and provides additional storage for books, magazines, or other items.

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