To Lubbock TX from Denton TX


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Denton has 50 full time regular rural routes and all but one are assigned LLV or new mercedes. That last route is expected to get a mercedes soon so there is a small chance you’d need a pov for a short time but honestly I think the carrier on that route is holding on as long as possible for ema money. There are probably 10 carriers retiring soon and on my 4 years of being regular I have had 8 opportunities to change routes which I have done 4 times. Lots of growth possibly 20 more routes in next few years.

  • Listing ID: 21879
  • Where do you want to transfer to?: Texas
  • Number of Rural Routes in the Office: Over 20
  • Number of rural aux routes in your office: One
  • Postal provided vehicles in the office: Some routes
  • Does the office have growth potential?: Yes
  • Is this a Formula office?: Yes
  • Is there a full compliment of relief carriers in the office?: No
  • Is this office an all rural office or do you have city routes also?: City and rural
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101 w mckinney ave dentonTexas,United States,76201 Show Phone Number *****

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