California to Hawaii

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Rocklin,CA.  I have a 46K route with Saturdays off.  20 rural routes in my office (13 K routes and 7 J routes).  All have LLVs.  Rocklin is still a growing city.  Looking to transfer to Maui, or the Big Island, but will also consider Kauai.

  • Where do you want to transfer to? : Hawaii
  • Number of Rural Routes in the Office : Between 5 and 20
  • Number of rural aux routes in your office : None
  • Postal provided vehicles in the office : All routes
  • Does the office have growth potential? : Yes
  • Is this a Formula office? : No
  • Is there a full compliment of relief carriers in the office? : No
  • Is this office an all rural office or do you have city routes also? : City and rural

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